Merry Christmas

25 Dec

I set this site up to have a way to promote dialogue about the coming year. I feel there may be a good number of very important and historical events will take place in 2012, with our own Presidential election looming in November. Combine that with the 2012 doomsday scenarios that will doubtless resurface in about a week of this post, along with Iran invading somebody(Iraq?) after they test their first nuclear warhead, and most likely more financial trouble worldwide will make for some very interesting banter.
One thing is for sure,and unchangeable: this country and the world has not been the same since September 11,2001…….

Please bear with me, the blog will have a better layout as time goes on. All topics I post concerning any current events will be accompanied by an appropriate link from a well-respected source. I am a centrist of sorts on politics, so the news sources I use will include main stream media of all ideologies when politics is the topic.



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